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Shelley Fillipoff talks about Emma her daughter who has been missing for a decade.

A documentary was released to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Emma Fillipoff's disappearance.

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New docuseries in production to help find missing Emma Fillipoff

"Barefoot in the Night: The Search for Emma Fillipoff" by filmmaker Kimberly Bordage, is a new docuseries is a behind the scene look at the effort to find Emma. It chronicles Emma's life, her mysterious disappearance from Victoria, BC in 2012, and includes interviews with those close to Emma.

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New documentary series on the search for Victoria’s missing Emma Fillipoff premieres today (VIDEO)

Barefoot in the Night: The Search for Emma Fillipoff is a six-hour documentary focusing on the timeline, tips, sightings, and testimonies surrounding Emma’s disappearance.

This series chronicles Emma’s life and the events that led to her mysterious disappearance.

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Barefoot in the night: Preview of docuseries released on 10th anniversary of last sighting of missing woman

A preview of an upcoming docuseries has been released on the case of Emma Fillipoff, who disappeared in Victoria 10 years ago.

A Nova Scotia-based film company has released a preview of their upcoming docuseries, examining Fillipoff’s disappearance.

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Search for Emma Fillipoff enters 10th year

Ten years ago Emma Fillipoff vanished from the streets of downtown Victoria, and her relatives haven't given up hope she's alive.

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New docu-series on search for Victoria’s missing Emma Fillipoff premieres today (VIDEO)

Ten years after Emma Fillipoff was last seen walking barefoot in Victoria, an upcoming docuseries is paying tribute to Emma’s life and the efforts made to locate her.

Barefoot in the Night: The Search for Emma Fillipoff is a six-hour documentary focusing on the timeline, tips, sightings, and witness accounts made in Emma’s disappearance.

This series chronicles Emma’s life and the events leading up to her mysterious disappearance. - Travis Devonport

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Mother of Emma Fillipoff 'battles with darkness' as search for missing woman continues

Production by Bayberry Films has been in progress since 2018 and, although halted over the COVID-19 pandemic, continues with fresh interviews and tips.

A preview of the series is airing on Monday — the 10th anniversary of the vanishing — at - Darron Kloster

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Film preview about missing Victoria woman, Emma Fillipoff, set to debut 10 years later

The film trailer will be released on the 10th anniversary of Fillipoff’s disappearance from downtown

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The Search for Emma Fillipoff - 10 Years, with Kimberly Bordage and Shelley Fillipoff (2022)

This update to their 2018 Podcast, The Search for Emma Fillipoff with Kimberly Bordage, gives voice to Shelley's thoughts and feelings.

In the podcast, Shelley and Kim discuss the upcoming documentary series and the anticipated release of an age progression image later this month. Emma will not fade into memory. The search continues…


'Goal is to shake the tree': Nov. 28 marks 10 years missing for Emma Fillipoff, woman with Perth roots

Shelley Fillipoff hopes the answers she seeks is linked to new docuseries, ‘Barefoot in the Night’ - Laurie Weir |Perth Courier


Emma Fillipoff disappeared in Victoria seven years ago; film sparks hope for new leads

A post from the Facebook group Help Find Emma Fillipoff said a new feature-length documentary might turn up new leads.

The Search for Emma Fillipoff is being produced by missing-persons advocate Kimberly Bordage and Frank Orlando, and is due for release in the fall of 2020.  Victoria Times-Colonist Staff 


New, feature-length documentary on missing woman Emma Fillipoff comes out next year

The film follows Fillipoff’s disappearance and the ongoing investigation.


Family of Emma Fillipoff hopes documentary about her disappearance will create new leads

On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Emma Fillipoff’s mysterious disappearance from downtown Victoria, her family hopes that a new documentary might create new leads to solve the case. Brishti Basu

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The disappearance of Emma Fillipoff from Victoria in 2012 is the subject of a new documentary

Kimberly Bordage, film producer and lead advocate in the search for Emma Fillipoff

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The Search for Emma Fillipoff Podcast with Kimberly Bordage

The following podcast is an amalgamated collection of known facts about the disappearance of Emma Fillipoff, which includes interviews with Emma’s mother, Shelley Fillipoff, and a new witness, William. Researched, written and narrated by Kimberly Bordage, Shelley Fillipoff’s lead researcher and marketing manager.

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NOVEMBER - Six poems from a mother to her missing  daughter

Emma Fillipoff has been missing since November 28, 2012. Her mother Shelley has written many poems for her over the years she's spent searching. She shares them every month on the Help Find Emma Fillipoff Facebook page.

This mini poetry documentary highlights 6 of those heartfelt poems. It was released for the 6-year anniversary of Emma's disappearance.


ONTARIO COLD CASE: Search spans the country for missing Emma Fillipoff

[The Documentary] highlights the timeline of Emma's disappearance and includes new previously unreleased information gathered from years of researching and analyzing the details of the case, from police notes, to witness accounts, to (private investigator) notes, and also includes pertinent notes Emma left behind in the last days of her journal.- Laurie Weir |

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